About Kandi Treats

In such a fast-paced fashion industry, trends come and go but only few are considered unique, innovative and classic. This is what designer, Kathy Amurao-Herrera had in mind when she creates accessories. In order to stand out from fads, she always has 3 things to consider — the accessories must be affordable, simple and most importantly, versatile.

In September 2010, Kandi Treats was unveiled. Kathy showed her first collection to several different people and had great feedback. She was the first to inject 10-in-1 versatility as shown in Kandi Treat’s best-selling collection, Jellybeans. Her clientele were able to enjoy the several uses of her creation. They were able to incorporate her accessory in several different types of wardrobe in several different ways.

Why Kandi Treats? The name KAnDi came from KAthy, ANdrea and DIanne. Kathy’s best friends who helped jumpstart her dream and turning it to a reality. She will forever be grateful to them.

Every Kandi collection is like a bag of treats that bring happiness and satisfaction to those who purchased a Kandi Treats’ accessory. Every item is guaranteed to be intricately hand-made and of the best quality materials.

So come and indulge on these fabulous pieces. Experience the “kandi-versatility” and stand out.

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